July 4, 2015

What Does The Declaration of Independence Mean To You?

The Continental Congress reconvened on July 1, and the following day 12 of the 13 colonies adopted Lee’s resolution for independence. The process of consideration and revision of Jefferson’s declaration (including Adams’ and Franklin’s corrections) continued on July 3 and into the late morning of July 4, during which Congress deleted and revised some one-fifth of its text. The delegates made no changes to that key preamble, however, and the basic document remained Jefferson’s words. Congress officially adopted the Declaration of Independence later on July 4.

January 19, 2015

Welcome to the New Year 2015 With More Lies And Destruction of The Economy

Welcome to 2015  Patriotic Americans.

Due to some health issues and the fact that most contributors have to work to support their families and support the people receiving government benefits, we took a short break to get pumped up for the next election and expose the people who are trying to destroy our great nation.